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Homeowners Insurance Inventory

Have a home insurance policy with Black & Associates Insurance, Inc.?  We invite you to use this free resource to strengthen your protection

Homeowners insurance inventory is an indispensable resource when it comes to completely securing your home.  Unfortunately, many insured do not take advantage of this valuable resource that makes the claims process quick, yet effective should you and your family face an unforeseen disaster.  All too often, inadequate information makes it impossible to accurately understand the costly fallout you may face down the road.


The team at Black & Associates Insurance, Inc. encourages all clients in Spokane, WA and throughout the Spokane Valley covered by our quality home insurance products to take advantage of a free home inventory resource provided by our friends at the Insurance Information Institute (III).  The III is a wonderful program dedicated to educating and making insurance, an otherwise murky subject, clear and understandable to the public.  We invite you to visit their website and learn about more of the great resources they provide you as an insured.

Know Your Stuff® is a free software program designed to make the inventory process an easy and readily-updatable practice in order to encourage more insured to strengthen their home insurance coverage.  Hosted by the III, you will have the ability to easily create a custom inventory around the unique aspects of your home, which you can access at any time from anywhere.  While you can't see the future, you can build up all available defenses against the risks that face you.

For more information, watch the video below:


Interested in using Know Your Stuff® from the III?  Click below to sign up!


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As smart phones and mobile devices become more common, the III has continued to make the homeowners insurance inventory process.  Whether you are relaxing at home in Spokane or traveling across the world, you can now access your account through the free Know Your Stuff® mobile application.  Accounting for your valuables is as easy as inputting the map of your home, the item's information, and snapping a picture on your smartphone.  For more information, visit either of the links below, or to download directly to your smartphone, scan the QR codes below.






To tour the process of using Know Your Stuff® to account for the valuables in your home, click through the 4-step tutorial below:

Step 1: Setup Your Account

First, we need to know your personal information, so that should you need to file a claim, your insurance carrier will already have the information they need to get started.  Don't worry—the III keeps the details you provide secured remotely on safe servers, allowing you to access and update this information from anywhere, Spokane and beyond.




Step 2: Map Your Rooms and Valuables⇒

Some homeowners would prefer to keep the documents themselves.  Below, we have provided homeowners insurance inventory sheets to those insured.  By clicking below, you can download this resource as an XLSX file.  Tour your home, carefully using each room category to account for the assets you value most.  We encourage you to keep both digital files and print copies with yourself, as well as close family and friends for safe keeping.  If we are able to help, please call your dedicated Black & Associates Insurance Agency, Inc. agent at 509-368-7084 or contact us online.

   Download Homeowners Insurance Inventory Sheet (XLSX)   

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Black & Associates Insurance Agency, Inc. is primarily dedicated to providing our customers the finest products at the most affordable price possible; however, there are many strategies that we collaborate with clients on in order to strengthen these top-tier policies.  If you are searching for a team who will look out for you no matter what it takes, we encourage you to visit our home insurance page for more information, or to provide the initial information for a policy, you can request a quote today.  Located in Spokane, WA, we serve customers throughout the Spokane Valley, including Coeur D'Alene, ID, Colville, WA, Moses Lake, WA, Deer Park, WA and throughout Washington state.

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We needed assistance with our homeowners coverage for a loss reported in 2005. Our claim was settled promptly with courteous and understanding treatment. The staff is always friendly and willing to answer any questions we may have.
Mrs. Jerry Ochse; Spokane, WA
Your customer service is the Best! It's one-on-one, personal and a refreshing departure from the bank of representatives which frequently handle the business of any one customer. Keep it up!
Jane Yurtis; Ione, WA
We are so happy to have made the move to Black & Associates for car insurance and homeowners insurance. We saved a lot and gained better coverage and customer service by far. It was so quick and easy to transfer. After spending 30+ years with Farmers we will never go back. Black & Associates is #1 in our family.
Mr. & Mrs. G. McCallum; Spokane, WA
Black & Associates Insurance has been giving us GREAT customer service for many years for our autos, home and recreational vehicle. This year they saved us over $1000 by re-writing our auto policy to another company!!
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We recommend you call Black & Associates Insurance for an insurance quote for your personal lines or commercial policy. We are saving $1070 this year on our new auto policy!! We have really appreciated their excellent customer service.
Vickie and Roy Bemis ; Spokane, WA
For $91 more dollars per six months Black & Associates doubled our liability and added Uninsured and PIP to our policy by re-writing it to another company!! In the two years they have insured us we have been pleased with their service and good advice.
Micah and Amanda Hall; Spokane, WA
During a recent conversation regarding personal liability insurance coverage, I could hardly believe anyone with a home, vehicle, and a job would not carry an umbrella liability policy. With those assets available such persons are a ripe target for a lawsuit even if they were not at fault in an accident.
Frank Reichert; Spokane, WA
Over the years, Black & Associates Insurance, Inc. has given us excellent prices on our auto and home insurance. They have provided us with excellent service since November 1991, when they first wrote our policies. Thanks!
Joseph Bollman; Spokane, WA
Black & Associates was recommended to me by an existing customer and I am so glad I listened! They have been really great and I trust Black & Associates completely.
Judy Nelson; Deer Park, WA
We needed assistance with our homeowners coverage for a loss reported in 2005—Our claim was settled promptly with courteous and understanding treatment. The staff is always friendly and willing to answer any questions we may have.
Mrs. Jerry Ochse; Spokane, WA
James B. Black & Associates have insured my properties, vehicles and boat for 9 years. Having everything under one umbrella and receiving guidance for all is much appreciated and gives me peace of mind.
Virginia Giesa; Spokane, WA
Thanks for your helpful advice and understanding while I was having some insurance problems with my older son a while ago.
Michael Lemberger, M.D.; Spokane, WA
Independent Services Corp, a home care agency for the elderly and disabled of all ages, has had the privilege of doing business with Black & Associates since April of 2013. The agency operates with a high level of dedication and a clear level of respectful integrity. The process of finding the amount of coverage I needed was made seamless by the staff at Black & Associates and my premiums are lower than I have had before with other insurance companies yet more detailed coverage.
Mary E. Hanna , Executive Director, Owner
I am writing to thank you for your prompt, courteous and detail-attentive assistance to Floyd and me in our recent insurance changes. Not only have you completed the necessary paperwork in a timely manner, you have been personally considerate of details Floyd managed and I now need to learn, since he died earlier this month. Thank you for making this transition a positive learning experience for me. Thank you for alerting me to the need for insuring our stored household items until the new home is finished and ready for occupancy. You have taken your time to personally evaluate my insurance needs and given me sound advice, without making me feel inadequate for not having the knowledge and experience Floyd had. It has been extremely helpful to communicate personally with you, rather than struggle through the maze of modern-day telephone antics! Therefore, as this process continues to unfold, I look forward to further communications and dealings with you.
Karen Mattern; Spokane, WA
Your customer service is the Best! It’s one-on-one, personal, and a refreshing departure from the “bank” of representatives which frequently handle the business of any one customer. Keep it up!
Jane Yurtis; Ione, WA
We have been your clients since the early 80’s and even though we relocated from Spokane to Sequim 18 years ago, we have remained your clients. I attribute this to the simple fact that you have been so very responsive to our needs. Whenever we have required help with our insurance, you have been only a phone call away and more than willing to assist us. In addition, as our children have grown into adults, you have been there for them as well. We appreciate your attention to our changing needs and intend to continue as your clients.
Jeanette & Roger Easling; Sequim, WA
Black & Associates is extremely easy to work with. They have always gone out of their way for us. We have cars, home and trailer with them. I would highly recommend them!
John and Kathy Van Houdt; Mead, WA
We are very pleased with Black & Associates. The whole office is just wonderful.
Megan and Justin Valentine; Liberty Lake, WA
Thanks so much for your hard work, promptness and professionalism. I can never say enough great things about you!
Jerry and Marian Fox, Northwest Commercial Kitchen Repair LLC; Spokane, WA
We are so grateful for your help in setting up our new insurance policy. James Black Insurance saved us 61.5% over our old policy. Judy did all of the research in order to make sure we had the proper coverage for our specific needs. In addition, Judy responded in a timely manner to all of my questions, and went above and beyond what was expected. I look forward to doing business with Black and Associates for many years to come.
David Bernhardt, President, Construction by Timberwolf ; Spokane Valley, WA
The process of finding the amount of coverage I needed was made seamless by the staff at Black
Mary Hanna
Jim, I want to thank you, and your terrific staff for ALWAYS providing exceptional service to ALL clients that I send your way. You all do a great job, and provide excellent customer service. Black and Associates Insurance always gets insurance binders out quickly, accurately, and without hassle. THANK YOU!
Shawn Van Gordon, President A&B Mortgage, Spokane, WA